Reintroducing the Department of Real Estate

SACRAMENTO – The California Bureau of Real Estate under the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) will become the California Department of Real Estate effective July 1, 2018.
Senate Bill 173, which Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed on October 15, 2017, reestablished the department after five years as a bureau under DCA.
The first state Department of Real Estate in California was created in 1919. The Bureau of Real
Estate became the successor to the California Department of Real Estate on July 1, 2013 pursuant to a government reorganization plan instituted by Governor Brown in 2012. The Bureau has operated under the DCA umbrella since 2013.
All telephone, email and website contacts will remain the same. Licensees can use the department’s eLicensing system to reprint license certificates reflecting the change to a department, but will not receive new pocket cards unless their license is being renewed. Also, licensees will not be required to change their business cards or marketing materials to reflect the change, as long as their license numbers remain on those materials.
The new Department of Real Estate is committed to performing efficient and effective public service in order to carry out its statutory mandates. To learn more, visit