Notice of Approved Department of Business Oversight Clean-up Regulations

Effective July 1, 2013, the Department of Corporations (DOC) and the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) merged to form the Department of Business Oversight (DBO), in accordance with the Governor’s Reorganization Plan 2 (GRP 2). The Commissioner of the Department of Business Oversight (Commissioner) has all the powers, authority, enforcement, jurisdiction, laws and regulations that were under the former DOC and DFI.
As required by title 1, California Code of Regulations, section 100, the Commissioner has filed an action with the Office of Administrative Law, proposing the reasons for the nonsubstantive amendments to Chapter 1, title 10, California Code of Regulations and why the changes do not materially alter any requirement, right, responsibility, condition, prescription, or other regulatory element of any California Code of Regulations provision. The Office of Administrative Law issued a Notice of Approved Rulemaking, adopting the regulations, effective August 21, 2019.
The text of the final regulations, which became effective on August 21, 2019, is available here.