Sacramento Summary Q4 – 2020

We are happy to have 2020 in the rear-view mirror, but fear that 2021 will be another busy legislative year. The new 2021-22 two-year legislative session began on December 7th when… Read More >

Stricktly Strickland Q1 2020

Mortgage Industry Information, Opinion & Tips DRE Audits and You: Part 1 What Triggers It, What Happens Next You receive the call from a DRE auditor or a letter from a… Read More >

The Hazards of Hazard Insurance

by Ed Babtkis,Ross Diversified Insurance Services Hazard insurance, or fire insurance, is one of the most rudimentary loss-mitigators for lenders and borrowers to protect their investment in real property. But what… Read More >

Sacramento Summary Q1 2020

By Michael J. Arnold & Michael Belote, Esq.Legislative Advocates What a Difference a Month Makes There is evidence that at the highest levels of government, some planning has occurred in the… Read More >

Sacramento Summary Q4 2019/2020

By Michael J. Arnold & Michael Belote, Esq.Legislative Advocates 2020 Legislative Year Coming Soon The second year of the 2019-2020 legislative session begins on Monday, January 6th. New bills can officially… Read More >

Sacramento Summary: Q2 2019

by Michael J. Arnold & Michael Belote, Esq., Legislative Advocates As we write this article, the Legislature is in full swing. Almost 3,000 legislative proposals have been introduced this year on… Read More >