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What is CMA-PAC?

CMA-PAC, the California Mortgage Association’s Political Action Committee was formed to help elect state legislators who are interested in the concerns of the mortgage lending community. The California housing turmoil from the early 2000s has increased legislation concerning mortgage lending in California. The need today may be greater than ever before for the mortgage community to have real impact upon the electoral process.

What will CMA-PAC do?

CMA-PAC will support candidates for the State Legislature only. No funds will be allocated for statewide office seekers, ballot initiatives or other campaigns. The primary goal is to help elect candidates – those who support our viewpoint- to the State Assembly and State Senate. The candidates assisted will be those whose record or experience indicate a desire to support the mortgage lending community.

Why do you need CMA-PAC?

Campaign contributions are one way that people become involved in the political process. CMA- PAC was established to involve you in the political process, and to provide a vehicle for our industry to pool resources and collectively aid those individuals seeking legislative office who are concerned with the problems facing the mortgage lending community. The mortgage lending community needs the combined strength that can only be accomplished by CMA-PAC. We must utilize the collective strength provided by our entire industry working together.

How do I participate?

You, and/or your organization, can support CMA-PAC by making an annual/ monthly contribution to the program. California law, unlike federal law, allows corporations to make contributions to state elections.

Over the years, the CMA-PAC has enabled us to attend fundraising events for our various allies in the legislature. Members of the legislature are always appreciative of this kind of support. Our political contributions help to elect and reelect legislators that support the mortgage lending community.

Please make your donation to the CMA-PAC today!

Download a PDF of our PAC form with instructions for payment via check.

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