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Stonecrest has been in business since 1986.  We have a diverse set of businesses, with interests in various parts of the globe.  Over that time, we have developed a culture that enables our employees to thrive and empowers them to deliver the type of service that creates success for our customers. That culture has evolved into a persistent set of governing principals for how we choose to do business, and who we choose to do business with.

Our Mission: Get better. Be better.  Do better.

Our Core Values

  1. We matter, we belong, we are heard.
  2. We work and play hard. Our shared experiences make us a family.
  3. We love to learn; improving is the only job we do not intend to finish. We relish the journey of learning, innovating, and growing.
  4. We give back with gratitude: we support people and take initiatives that contribute to the wellbeing of others.