Private Lender Link

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Private Lender Link, Inc. (PLL) is an online directory that advertises and promotes private/hard money lending companies throughout the United States. Since was launched in 2010, tens of thousands of people have flocked to PLL and connected with the lenders showcased on the site. Borrowers, mortgage brokers, investors and real estate professionals continually use PLL as a powerful online resource to get deals funded.

In 2018, was rebuilt from the ground up, and we expanded the platform to include mortgage investment opportunities, service providers, capital providers and technology providers. PLL’s success can be attributed to a number of factors, including…

  • Ease of Use – Users are not required to register
  • Unique – One of the few sources of reputable private lenders, mortgage funds and direct hard money lenders all in one place
  • Time Saving – Users can quickly find, compare and connect with several companies in one place rather than browse multiple sites
  • Free Information – Users see a detailed profile of each company with lending guidelines and background information
  • Deal Samples – One of the few sites that consistently publishes funded loan transaction summaries