PLM Lender Services, Inc.

(408) 370-4030

PLM Lender Services, Inc. together with its sister company, PLM Loan Processing Center, Inc. offer to their clients a wide variety of real estate related services. Managing foreclosures and loan servicing since 1982 and loan origination documentation since 1994, PLM continues to prove itself to be a strong, reliable and knowledgeable outsource service. PLM is the company people use not only when they are novices in the industry, but also when they are well versed in the business but difficult situations arise and may need answers or guidance.

The services available through PLM include our foreclosure service (all types of properties, including residential, commercial, land, etc.), pre-foreclosure service, loan servicing for privately held loans (real and personal property), loan document drawing (broker originated loans and private investor originated loans), assignment preparation, reconveyance preparation and real estate sales services (sales and REO management). In addition to these services, PLM also has a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker available to give seminars at no charge regarding foreclosure, loan servicing and loan origination.

The personnel at PLM understand the needs of our clients. We see ourselves as an extension of your firm and know the importance of customer relations. Prompt, knowledgeable, courteous service is the hallmark of PLM. To work professionally and courteously with both borrowers and lenders allow for maximum cooperation between borrowers and lenders on difficult accounts. Additionally, we continue to remain at the forefront of the industry with our in-house technical support and referral sources to rapid and reliable legal assistance.