CMA Community

The California Mortgage Association offers its members a private social network to communicate, learn, ask for help, stay connected and collaborate with other members.

Member Access

What is the CMA Community?

It’s a web-based social network app with a similar look and functionality to LinkedIn and Facebook, but it’s only accessible by members of the California Mortgage Association. It has a feed full of posts from other members, which may include questions, comments, photos, videos, articles, polls and CMA announcements. Any member can comment on a post or create their own post.

How to Access the Community

If you have an active CMA membership, your account on the Community is ready for login. Visit and click the ‘Reset password’ link. You’ll receive an email with a link to set a password. Reach out to us if you run into any issues signing in.

How Can Members Use the Community?

The CMA Community is a great resource for members to collaborate and communicate with other members. Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a question regarding compliance, Post it on the Community, and attorneys or fellow lenders will reply with their thoughts.
  • Should you get a loan request which is not in your wheelhouse and you want to find a lender that may consider it, post a few details about the deal on the Community, and other members will reply. 
  • You just funded a loan and want to promote it. Post a photo or graphic with a few details.
  • You just published an article and want to share it. Post the article in the Community, and it will be instantly available to all members.
  • Your company has a new loan product and you want to announce it. Post it on the Community to inform brokers who may send you some deals.

In addition to member posts, CMA management will use the Community to keep members informed about legal updates, news, regulations, webinars, events and much more. You don’t have to continually log in to the Community to get these updates. You can receive a daily or weekly digest by email with all the latest posts.

Why CMA Needs an Online Community

The reason we created the Community is we wanted to offer members an additional resource and a way to stay connected to CMA outside of our seminars. We believe this will be a valuable resource, and we encourage all members to use the Community to stay informed, collaborate, get assistance, and generate new business. 

Access CMA Community