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Mortgage Industry Information, Opinions & Tips Unlicensed Mortgage Company Employees In 2000, the then California Department of Real Estate (now the California Bureau of Real Estate) promulgated Commissioner’s Regulation 2841 which… Read More >

Quarterly Update: July 2017

By Garrett D’Alessandro, CFA, CAIA, AIF® The American presidential election and the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom (UK) demonstrated the beliefs of millions of citizens in both countries that their… Read More >

Business Purpose Lenders: Get Ready for HMDA

By Dennis H. Doss Doss Law Starting on January 1, 2018 most business purpose residential private money brokers will be subject to fines by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unless they… Read More >

Local Points of Interest

By Elliot Shirwo Bolour Associates Dear Fellow CMA Members, Our next seminar takes place in Las Vegas, a city that in the last few years has transformed itself from the world… Read More >

The U.S. Economy Proves Its Resilience

By Paul Single City National Rochdale After nearly a decade of uneven and divergent growth, the global economy appears to have turned a corner. World trade is on the rise again,… Read More >

Sacramento Summary

By Michael J. Arnold & Michael Belote, Esq. Legislative Advocates As the California Legislature finishes its work for 2017, two issues important to CMA are among the final big issues to… Read More >

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Fishing can be fun and relaxing, but nowadays if it is spelled phishing, it is anything but. Wikipedia defines phishing as “the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords,… Read More >

CYBER FRAUD: E-mail Compromise on the Rise

In recent years, the financial services industry has seen a dramatic increase in account takeover schemes. In 2015, total losses due to account takeover more than doubled while total losses related… Read More >

HMDA – The Temporary Financing Exclusion

Among the various alphabet soup of state and federal laws and regulations relating to mortgage origination and loan servicing, one that had previously escaped the notice of many California private lenders… Read More >

5 Changing Elements in Fix-and-Flip Finance

Change and upheaval constitute Fix-and-Flip Finance today. FinTech (High-Tech Lenders) companies, Wall Street and others have entered the Fix-and-Flip lending arena with an avalanche of capital. This new capital benefits borrowers… Read More >