Philip Adleson: The CMA Education Award

by Joffrey Long On January 20, 2017, Phil Adleson was awarded the California Mortgage Association’s highest honor in education, the CMA Education Award. Phil was the inaugural recipient of this award…. Read More >

Creating a Social Media Campaign

by Keith Robinsons We have all been in line at Starbucks or glancing into our back seat to see a thirteen-year-old gazing into their phone, furiously typing away with their thumbs… Read More >

Local Points of Interest

by Elliot Shirwo CMA San Francisco San Francisco never gets old, whether you’re visiting for pleasure or, in our case, for business. San Francisco’s layers of generational growth has enriched its… Read More >

Sacramento Summary: Q1 2018

By Michael J. Arnold & Michael Belote, Esq., Legislative Advocates Resignations Likely To Move Legislature Left Just as Harvey Weinstein created a laser-focus on sexual harassment in Hollywood, the “we said… Read More >

Stricktly Strickland Q4 2018

This and That Department of Real Estate (DRE): Yes, you read that right, DRE. The current California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) will be converting back to the DRE as of… Read More >

A Tale of Two Amici

by Jonathan D. Fink (left) Wright, Finlay & Zak, LLP by T. Robert Finlay (right) Wright, Finlay & Zak, LLP Among the benefits your CMA membership provides are educational opportunities to… Read More >